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AAA Pest Control & Wild Life specializes in a wide variety of pest control and management services throughout Rochester, NY and the surrounding areas. We are dedicated to providing the highest standard of products and service for every customer, every time. Veteran and senior discounts offered! Whether it’s termites eating away at your home, bats hiding out in your attic, or bed bugs infesting your mattresses, we have the knowledge and resources to rid you of your pest problems.

Our Services Include:Pest Services

At AAA Pest Control & Wild Life, our experienced exterminators offer a variety of pest control and maintenance programs from single treatments to on-going maintenance programs, so it will be easy to choose one that best fits your needs.

While Woodchuck and Raccoon removal may only require one treatment, roaches and ants can remain a continuous threat. We won’t leave you to deal with these infestations on your own until they come back in full force. We’ll continue to maintain your home’s protection against these pests so you can rest easy knowing your home is rodent and insect free.

We have extensive knowledge on how these pests can damage your home and even put your health at risk. As a result, we are dedicated to returning your home to a safe, rodent and insect free space. Whether you have a mouse in the house, nuisance ants or bed bugs – we can help!

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